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Reasons to choose
Woven Bamboo


Rapidly Renewable

It takes around 4.85 hectares of forest to build a typical 93 sqm timber home, but only about 0.4 hectares using bamboo.

Famous for being the fastest growing plant, bamboo is growing in popularity too with architects, designers and builders. When you specify bamboo, you benefit from a substance with the tensile strength of mild steel that is dimensionally superior, flexible, easy to work with and beautiful.

Food for thought

Our bamboo forests are grown for their tasty bamboo shoots, used in culinary dishes worldwide. To encourage shoot growth, each bamboo pole is cut back every 4-5 years and it is this bi-product we use to manufacture our Zen range.

The largest range

We have New Zealand’s largest range of Zen bamboo products including veneers and bendy plys, panelling, flooring, wallpaper, carpet and mouldings. As well as being able to supply these to order, we are renowned for our ability to build custom products to individual specifications.