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Sheet Size: 2440x1220mm
3ply only.

Available in two colours, Natural or Carbonated. Perfect for kitchen application because of its natural bacteria resistance and durability. Will take oil or polyurethane finishes. Food-safe and formaldehyde free.

Can be used for kitchen benchtops, bar tops, bathroom vanity tops, stair treads, table tops, reception counters, restaurant table tops, office desk tops and cutting boards.

Sandwich Panel: The sandwich panel consist of 3 layers of 1-ply panels, where the middle layer is vertical it looks like “Ⅰ” construction.

We are able to cut to size if needed, please allow a $25.00 cutting fee.

  • Product Code:
    30mm Architectural Bamboo
  • Price :
    $492.84 excl GST

Zen Bamboo are a leading manufacturer...

of top quality bamboo flooring, panelling and veneer,
and CocoCraft's stylish furniture and accessories.