• This strawboard is a No-Formaldehyde Releasing Strawboard. If you are looking for an environment friendly alternative to MDF, PB or Fiber Board, the Wanhua Strawboard is an alternative option that does not release formaldehyde and it has a negative carbon footprint.

    Eco-board is the new generation MDF Fiberboards - 100% environmentally friendly.

    Eco-boards are not made from wood but uses agricultural fibers left over from harvests, a product that is usually burned as waste. Using advanced processing technology, the result is a board that is far superior to MDF or particle boards on the market today.

    All strawboard comes in sheet sizes of 2440x1220mm.

    Thickness and density options:
    5mm, Mid-Density, High-Density (Indent)
    9mm, Low-Density, Mid-Density, High-Density (Indent)
    12mm, Low-Density, Mid-Density, High-Density (Stocked Item)
    15mm, Mid-Density, High-Density (Stocked Item)
    16mm, Mid-Density, High-Density (Indent)
    18mm, Mid-Density, High Density (Stocked Item)
    25mm, Low-Density, High Density (Indent)
    35mm, Low-Density (Indent)
    40mm, Low-Density (Indent)

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