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Bamboo Flooring by Zen Bamboo
Zen Bamboo flooring is available in pre-finished or unfinished solid bamboo flooring.

Colour: Natural & Carbonised
Construction: Horizontal grain & vertical grain

Samples are available. Please click on "Sample Request" at top of the page.

Solid Bamboo Flooring

Horizontal Natural
Vertical Natural

Horizontal Carbonised
Vertical Carbonised

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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring






Outdoor Decking


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Bamboo Accessories

All accessories are available in both natural and carbonised colours.

Stair Nosing - BB01
Reducer - BB03
Skirting - BB09
Quarter Round - BB05

Base Board - BB08
Base Board - BB14
Base Board - BB16
T-mould - BB07

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Advantages of Zen

Environmentally sound, healthy and new look
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable material ideal for creating beautiful, durable, high quality flooring and furniture. Bamboo is a pleasure to look at, stand and walk on, and has a natural decorative beauty.

Super-strong and durable.
Zen Bamboo is tested 27% harder than oak and 13% harder than rock maples. It has better dimensional stability and less contraction and expansion than conventional wooden floors.

A sound long-term investment.

  • Life time warranty against delamination.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • The best quality to price ratio.

Superior quality milling.

  • Uniform colour grading.
  • Uniform thickness and width.
  • Uniform Micro-V joint and perfect tongue and groove fit.

Six coats high-tech UV-cured polyurethane finish with Aluminum Oxide
Advanced finishing system for:

  • Long lasting beauty and durability.
  • Superior wear resistance.
  • Residential five years finish warranty.

Economical and easy to maintain.

  • Requires less care than conventional hardwood flooring.
  • No waxing maintenance required.

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The high quality of Zen Bamboo floors is due to its exclusive P7 manufacturing process.

P1 Controlled raw material
Zen Bamboo uses only top-quality mature bamboo harvested from controlled forests, then painstakingly processes the bamboo with methods proven through years of research and experience.

P2 Controlled drying and warehousing
Bamboo strips are kiln dried to surpass industry standards, carefully checked before processing and stored in a warehouse featuring controlled temperature and relative humidity.
Standard moisture content: 8% plus 2% more or less.

P3 Precision milling
The planks are always manufactured perfectly straight, with a constant thickness and width. You benefit from superior uniformity, better appearance and superior durability of the floor.
Standard Tolerance: Thickness :+/-0.1mm, Width: :+/-0.1mm, Length: +/-1mm

P4 Prefect tongue and groove fit
Our high manufacturing standards and our quality control processes assure an easy and worry free installation. You save on installation time.

P5 High-quality adhesives with the lowest formaldehyde emission in the industry
Zen Bamboo uses the quality adhesives from Europe to meet the strict European E1 standard for indoor air quality, as well as to ensure the maximum adhesion.

P6 High-quality Urethane reinforced with Aluminum Oxide
Zen Bamboo uses a quality polyurethane and unique finishing system  which features an aluminum Oxide compound suspended in ultraviolet cured polyurethane. This polyurethane application process creates a finish 3 times more abrasion resistant.

P7 Integrated quality assurance
Every step of the manufacturing process is subjected to strict quality controls, guaranteeing superior quality and consistency in every box of Zen Bamboo.

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Bamboo Flooring
Natural or carbonised pre-finished with micro bevel edge.

3 Layer 15x95x1850mm
(5/8 x 3 3/4 x 72")
Matt finish
2.10 m2 / 22.60 ft2
Vertical 15x95x1850mm
(5/8 x 3 3/4 x 72")
Matt finish
2.10 m2 / 22.60 ft2

We also supply unlacquered flooring which is suitable for staining.

Bamboo Accessories
Natural or carbonised, vertical or horizontal, pre-finished or unfinished.

Stair Nosing (BB01)
T-Mold (BB02)
Reducer (BB03)
Quarter Round (BB04)
Base Board (BB08)
Skirting Board (BB09)
Base Board (BB14)
Base Board (BB16)

Specifications: in effect at time of posting, subject to change without notice. Other sizes are available on a special order basis. Size of package and design can meet customer's demand.

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Bamboo flooring, when properly installed, is a beautiful durable floor-covering material. The installer must be careful to protect the flooring material from gaining moisture before, during and after the installation of the product. this installation instructions are intended to help the installer produce a trouble-free floor.

  • Installations should not be below grade level.
  • The flooring should be inspected by the installer or contractor for defects prior to installation. Carefully examine the flooring boards for color, finish and quality using reasonable selectivity. Hold out or cut off pieces with glaring defects, whatever the cause. Flooring that is installed is presumed to have been accepted.
  • Flooring boards can either be nailed or glued onto the sub floor. The sub floor must be smooth and flat and free of dirt. The moisture content of the sub floor must not exceed 14% and be more than 4% above or below the moisture content of the flooring to be installed. While installing pre-finished bamboo flooring, you should nail it at a 45 or 50 degree angle; you should make a hole beforehand if the nail size is too big because it may crack the tongue; you should use a oil based glue or a glue with low water content to glue the floor. If you use high water based glue, it may make the flooring swell because the floor absorbs the water from the glue.
  • The flooring should be “racked out” so as to distribute color variations randomly (or otherwise, to the client's satisfaction) within the room. The flooring is a natural product and color variations are to be expected. Samples of particular flooring products are available upon request.
  • Make certain that sufficient expansion space is left at the perimeter of the installation. In climate areas where the humidity of the room varies seasonally very little, a minimum expansion space of ?” is recommended. In areas where humidity variation is high from season to season an expansion space of ?” is recommended. Bamboo hardwood flooring behaves in a fashion similar to hardwoods; your local professional installer will be your best guide as to climatic variations common in your area.
  • Flooring should be installed in conditions representative of conditions expected during occupancy of the space. Flooring should be unpacked and allowed to acclimate in such conditions for a minimum of 72 hours with a preferred recommendation of one week to ten days.

* Guidelines for installing Zen bamboo hardwood flooring are generally the same as those recommended by The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and The Hardwood Council. Other good sources of installing and finishing information can be found on-line at Wood Floors Online.

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Maintain your floor as you would any hardwood floor. The key to your floor's long life and is good look is periodic cleaning and refinishing when necessary. Protectors should be placed at entrances to the outdoors to collect dirt and fine sand that can damage your floors. Even though your bamboo flooring is made from the highest quality bamboo and has high stability properties it still can expand and contract due to moisture conditions. It is important to use an air conditioner or dehumidifier in humid months.

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